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Designing Facebook Header Image in 2022 + Free Template!

Image Making Facebook Image Header in 2022 + Free Template!
Here we go again, another big change to the way Facebook displays your business’s profile page header. Just one of the updates to the New Page Experience recently rolled out by Facebook earlier this year. We have tested the new experience and so far the new updates are easy to use and well thought out for user experience. If you are worried about how to design your new profile header, we got you covered with a free template that you can download and use to design the perfect profile header.

What is the New Facebook Page Experience?

For those of you who operate a business page on Instagram, you will likely enjoy the New Page Experience update to your Facebook business page. Just like Instagram, the new update allows you to switch into your profile and use Facebook as your business page just as you would use your personal Facebook page. 

The best part about it is your business page now has its own news feed where you can easily interact as your business page with your online community. No more accidentally commenting as your personal profile when replying to comments or posts. 

If you don’t have the New Page Experience yet, stay patient as Facebook continues to roll out the update. It seems to be random as to who has the ability to convert and who doesn’t. 

Best Practices For Your Facebook Header Profile Picture

If your business Facebook page has switched into the New Page Experience, you’ll find that your once perfectly designed header photo doesn’t look quite right anymore; what a great opportunity to give your profile header a fresh new look!

Your header photo is the first thing that your clients and customers will see when they view your Facebook profile. It is a great opportunity to put forward what you want your clients and customers to know about your business!

Ideas for Business Profile Headers

  • Feature a coupon or special
  • Showcase your services
  • Display your products
  • Show your mission
  • Touch on your values
  • Make a call to action
  • Showcase your team
  • Promote an upcoming event

Your profile header can contain just text or just photos, or a combo of both!  It is your opportunity to be creative and get your message across, so take advantage of it! 

Desktop vs. Mobile

The way your header photo displays on desktop vs. mobile is different size wise. 

Desktop View 

On desktop, the header photo is wider and the profile photo is nestled to the bottom left, not taking up much space.

Facebook Desktop Header Photo

Mobile View

On mobile, the header photo gets cropped on the left and right hand sides and the profile picture is brought into the center of the header photo. You can click on the photo, however, and the entire photo will display as it does on the desktop version. 

Mobile Header Photo

A size for both?

Unfortunately, Facebook only lets you upload 1 photo for both sizes which makes it frustrating when trying to design a cover photo for both.

Lucky for you, we created the perfect template for you to upload into Canva, Photoshop or wherever you make your Facebook header photos to preview what your photo will look like before you upload it. Simply overlay the template on your design and adjust the transparency to check how your design looks underneath according to the template guidelines. 

Do the best you can when designing for both desktop and mobile, but don’t make it over complicated. Make sure all of the information you want your customers and clients to see is visible on the mobile version first as the majority of Facebook users are on the mobile app. Remember, if you are adding text and you can’t make it it all fit perfectly for mobile, the photo is clickable allowing your audience to view all of the information.

If you need help designing the perfect Facebook profile header photo for your business, reach out to us at Modern Marketing & Media, we can tailor your header photo to your brand and message. 

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