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Website Design Best Practices in 2024

Website Design Best Practices

Web Design Best practices are commercial or professional processes that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective.

By now, you certainly appreciate the importance of designing a website for your company. It sounds cruel, but if your business or service organization doesn’t have a website, you don’t exist. 

Perhaps your site was professionally created and is maintained by a design company or maybe you’re managing it yourself. The laws of attraction change much more rapidly for internet website design than people. It’s important your website uses best practices to continually attract and convert visitors from shoppers to customers – your customers.

What’s the first and most important element of website design? You must create a great first impression, and it must almost literally be within a timeframe of the blink of an eye. It’s popular to strive for “no judgements” in social relationships, but the truth is, it takes one-tenth of a second for a casual visitor to judge your website. 

There should be nothing casual about your website’s relationship with potential customers. Your website design should reflect serious intent.

Website Design: The Eyes Have It

You literally have milliseconds to attract customers. To capture them at a glance, you must:

  • Improve search engine results using search engine optimization best practices.
    • Add internal links and quality backlinks
    • Apply short, descriptive meta elements
    • Compress images
    • Conduct regular site audits
    • Enhance user experience
    • Improve page speed
    • Match search intent
    • Optimize images
    • Promote your website
    • Publish amazing content
    • Rebuild broken links quickly
    • Track/study page results
    • Use your main keyword consistently
  • Increase conversions with efficient, effective landing pages.
    • Balance text with images. We process pictures and graphics faster than words. But don’t forget: Words themselves are often graphic art.
    • Keep it simple; intuitive. Don’t overwhelm visitors with menu choices and long, hierarchical structure. Ideally, the landing page presents the necessary info plus an attractive and easy option for moving onward and inward.
    • Use colors that are proven to be the presence you want to convey (energy vs. relaxing, for example). But always be true to the colors that represent your brand identity. Allow for necessary lack of color too. “White space” adds importance to your words and images and reduces visual clutter.
    • When people land on a website page, your goal is persuasion but their goal is information. That page should provide valued facts at a glance, without a maze of text. Your designer can apply visual texture that will add feeling and depth to a page. Once you’ve captured your visitor’s attention, the need for additional information will follow.
  • Integrate with all digital marketing platforms.
    • Adding links is the simplest way to “link” your website to social media and advertising. You may want to learn more about collaborative campaigns, which can increase your presence in several media markets.
  • Intimidate and inspire competitors.
    • Some websites operate in “stealth mode.” For years, those websites aren’t the mega-marketing tools they could be. It’s a good thing if a competitor sees your website and thinks, “Okay, maybe I should look at another area. This company’s got the northwestern portion of Harris County sewn up.”
      However, today’s culture responds better to inspiration than intimidation. Don’t burn any bridges if you can avoid it. Today’s competitor might become a valued partner or mentor in a collaborative marketing effort.
      To intimidate and inspire:
      • Demonstrate superior commerce integrity and strive for 5-star internet reviews. 
      • Keep your website unique so you are differentiated from your competitors.

Tomball Website Design and Marketing

Your business website can be the mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized marketing tool it’s meant to be. We have a team of website designers and marketing professionals who can create or redesign your pages. We can increase load speed. 

We have many ideas, experienced advice, and we’re eager to share. Why wait? It’s a new year and you have something to share as well.

Call 512-632-5662 or contact Modern Marketing & Media.


Two of the frequently asked questions we receive about website design are:

A: We can help. Modern Marketing & Media account managers have many skills. They include experience and expertise in:

  • Advertising
  • Business management
  • Consulting
  • Email marketing
  • Photography & photo editing
  • Reputation management
  • Responsive/intuitive design
  • Social media management
  • Software
  • Texas consumerism
  • UX best practices for effortless/pleasing site navigation
  • Videography
  • Website composition

…and copywriting. We utilize an advanced content management system but also have in-house content professionals for editing and blogging.

A: There are basic skills and qualities you should look for in any service provider:

  • 5-star online reviews
  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Dedicated account management
  • Good client retention rate
  • History of success
  • Portfolio/examples of work

The world is small, and your website designer can be literally anywhere on earth. As a Texas Metropolitan-Houston company, we support local businesses. If that’s important to you, look for Chamber of Commerce memberships, community give-back, and local initiatives’ support.

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